DK0WCY 3 579 operates 07:20 – 09:00 UTC and 16:00 – 19:00 UTC LOCAL time (i.e. UTC +1 winter and UTC +2 summer). DRA5 and DK0WCY on 10 144 are currently part-time.

Transmissions on 3 579 are cw only, with beacon id interrupted at ten minute intervals by a datagram giving the Kiel K, current fof2 and MUF at Juliusruh and indications of current solar-geophysical events. DRA5 and

DK0WCY on 10 MHz carry the CW datagrams but, at 10 minutes after the hour, the datagram transmission is on RTTY and contains additional information on x-ray background and hf2, using RTTY. The H+50 transmission is PSK31(BPSK) is used. During auroral events the carrier at the end of the ID changes to a series of dots. See also .